Thursday, December 25, 2008

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Life is good. Sylvie is beautiful. Pi had a challenging year with an aborted attempt at private pre-school due to Sensory Processing Disorder, but we are encouraged by the efficiency and compassion of our public school district and are working to get him placed in the right situation. I feel that it will happen and that he will be all right - my amazing boy. He can spell Cookie, Cake, Pie (sensing a theme here) Cart, Cat, and his name.

Sylvie smiles all the time, some very sweet and small, and others that take up her entire face with their radiant beams (those are mostly for Daddy), but she doesn't laugh very much. You have got to bring your Baby Comedy or Baby Tickling A-Game to the table to get a laugh out of her, but it is the sweetest music to our ears.

We are so blessed to be celebrating Sylvie's first Christmas, Pi's third, together as a family amongst all this bounty and beauty. Feeling the tiny snowflake presence of those who could not be here with us. Feeling so much love.

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