Sunday, August 26, 2007

Golden Pig

Well, that was an adventure. We are just coming off of almost 48 hours with no power after a crazy storm on Thursday. I always feel like a total diva when the power goes out, demanding my white M&Ms on my white couch with white roses on my dressing table. I know that things could be a whole lot worse, and in the grand scheme of things we are very lucky to have everything we have, but I do enjoy flicking a switch and having the light come on, or pressing a button to get my dishes washed, or twisting a dial to clean my clothes. Pi's presence did make the outage a lot more fun, though - every time we lit the candles he started singing "Happy Birthday" and asking for cake, and he thought that Daddy turning the hand-crank on the emergency radio was the height of hilarity. Anyway, the power came back on at about 1:00 PM yesterday, and we are very pleased, although now the cable's out. I think someone is trying to tell us that we watch too much TV.

In other news, the rash of office pregnancies that were announced a few weeks before I found out about mine have started to bear their sweet fruit. A close co-worker of mine had her baby girl on August 10th, another has left for maternity leave with a due date of September 9, and yet another has confirmed a baby girl for October. When I found out about Delilah, I read that in the Chinese Zodiac, this year is a Golden Pig year, a very auspicious and lucky year for babies to be born. I wasn't ready to announce my pregnancy when my co-workers did, but when they were all together in the same room I secretly counted myself among them, and thought how excited they'd be when I was ready to "come out". All girls, born in the Year of the Golden Pig.

I was supposed to have one, too.

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Anonymous said...

After what the Chinese did to Jack Bauer, I'm boycotting their Zodiac. I say, whatever year it is for you is an auspicious year.