Saturday, September 16, 2006

Pi by Numbers

479 - days on the planet.

2 - home addresses, but both in the same city and state.

4 - plane rides he's enjoyed (he's a wonderful traveler, my Pi) to see Grandmom & Grandpop on Mom's side.

2 - road trips he's taken to see Grandma and Grandpa on Dad's side.

1 - wedding attended - Smitty's cousin.

1 - funeral attended - Mommy's Grandpop, Pi's Great-Grandpop, died of Alzheimer's 1/15/06.

24 - ounces of milk a day, still in bottles. He likes them, and will only drink a little milk from a sippy cup before turning it into a rocket ship or other projectile. If he's to get any nutrition at all, we need to keep the bottles around.

6 - days since he's had a decent solid-food meal. Love that assertion of independence.

2 - bites of each food before it ends up on the floor.

4 - stories at bedtime - current rotation: Go, Dog, Go; Kitten's First Full Moon, Time for Bed, The Greedy Python.

4 - songs at bedtime - current rotation: The Rainbow Connection, It's in Every One of Us, You've Got a Friend, Baby Mine (the Bonnie Raitt version).

10.5 - current hours of sleep - he's been sleeping like a teenager lately, up at 9:00 am or later. Lovin' it!

1 - birthday so far.

1 - Halloween so far - he was an octopus. Not sure what his costume's going to be this year - Smitty really likes this Green Lantern costume, but we're having trouble finding it in his size.

2 - September 11th's so far - it hit me really hard this year. Last year I was too hormonal and sleep-deprived and covered in excrement to deal with the anniversary in any kind of meditative or respectful way. I have been very depressed that my son will never know a world in which this event didn't happen, and have been remembering all the lives and families destroyed by a single act of hatred. I am praying, praying that we get our collective poo in our diapers so that he can still be proud of his America.

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