Saturday, August 05, 2006

Pi Stats

Every good baby book has that stats page, right?

Here's Pi's:

Born - 5/22/05 at 7:06 am

Doctors: started with midwife Kathy and ended up with Dr. CP performing c-section (after 19 hours of labor, GAH!)

Length - 21 inches

Weight - 8 lb 10 oz

Left hospital on 5/26/05, did great in car seat, promptly peed all over his going-home outfit and we realized just how unprepared we were. We had no separate hamper for the baby's dirty clothes, didn't really have the changing table set up with everything at our fingertips, didn't have his clothes organized the way we should have. His first diaper change at home was quite the comedy of errors. At least that's how I view it now - when it was happening it was some seriously high drama. The first of many unseemly freak-outs from Mama.

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Corrina said...

The first time I took Asher to the doctor, he had a poop that leaked through everything. I didn't have a change of clothes for him. I didn't have a diaper or wipes. Nothing. Fortunately, there was a cache of diapers at the doc's office. While changing him, he peed all over me. The nurse asked, "First baby, huh?" I cried like an idiot for at least 30 minutes.