Friday, July 14, 2006

Librarian or Arctic Animal Research Specialist?

Pi has a favorite book called “Bathtime Peekaboo” – we used to read it every night, but it hasn’t been part of the regular bedtime rotation for about two months. Smitty (aka DH, aka Daddy) started reading it to him during the day this past week.

There’s a line in there about a cuddly penguin – “can you flap like the penguins do?” Today, after breakfast, Smitty said to Pi, “can you flap like the penguins do?”, and Pi went to his bookshelf, pulled out the Bathtime Peekaboo book, and opened directly to the page with the penguins.

Our son is a genius.

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changapeluda said...

so is mine!!!

ha ha ha

I'm already thinking I'll send him to a Montessori School....
the one in Italy, no less.